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ABB offers a variety of VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) models with different parameter sets. Unfortunately, there isn't a universal parameter list that applies to all ABB VFDs. However, I can guide you on how to find the specific parameter list for your ABB VFD model:

Locating the Parameter List:

There are two main ways to access the parameter list for your ABB VFD:

1. User Manual: The user manual for your specific ABB VFD model will contain a comprehensive parameter list with descriptions, default values, and adjustment ranges. 

  • Visit the ABB drives product page
  • Select your specific VFD model from the product listing or use the search function.
  • In the product support section of your model's page, you should find downloadable resources like user manuals.

2. Drive Assistant Software: ABB offers PC-based software tools for configuring and monitoring their VFDs. These tools often include a built-in parameter list with descriptions and functionalities. 

Understanding Parameter Lists:

ABB VFD parameter lists typically organize parameters into categories based on their function. Here are some common parameter categories you might encounter:

  • General Settings: These parameters include items like control mode selection, motor data configuration, and basic operating settings.
  • Ramp Functions: These parameters define how the motor accelerates and decelerates during start-up and stop sequences.
  • Input/Output Settings: These parameters configure the control signals coming into the drive (e.g., start/stop commands) and the output signals from the drive (e.g., fault status).
  • Monitoring Functions: These parameters allow you to monitor various drive and motor operating data like speed, current, and temperature.
  • Application-Specific: Depending on the VFD model and its capabilities, there might be additional parameters specific to certain applications, such as pump or fan control functions.

Additional Tips:

  • When looking at the parameter list, pay close attention to the descriptions and units associated with each parameter. This will help you understand what the parameter controls and how to adjust it appropriately.
  • ABB might also offer online resources or application notes for specific VFD models that provide guidance on parameter settings for common applications.

By following these steps and consulting the resources provided, you should be able to find the specific parameter list for your ABB VFD model and understand the functionalities of each parameter.