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Pcod fault in delta drive

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Cause : Password is locked comes when you have entered the wrong password for the keypad three times consecutively. As a security measure, the Delta drive locks the keypad to prevent unauthorized access.

Pcod fault in delta drive indicate Password is locked. This means you entering the wrong password three consecutive times.

Steps for correct this fault:

Step 1 : Input the correct password after rebooting the motor drive.

Step 2 : If you forget the password, do the these things:

  • First: Input 9999 and press ENTER.
  • Second: Repeat step 1. Input 9999 and press ENTER.
    (You need to finish step 1 and step 2 within 10 seconds. If you don’t finish the two steps in 10 seconds, try again.)

Step 3 : The parameter settings return to the default when the “Input 9999” process is finished.