ABB ACS880 Drive Communication

ABB ACS880 Drive Communication – all parameter, control wiring, input & output power wiring and programming video.

Here we show two type of communications :

  1. Modbus Communication using in-build RS485 terminal.
  2. PC Communication.


58.011Modbus RTU
58.03……Node address
Baud rate58.0414.8 kbit/s.
29.6 kbit/s.
319.2 kbit/s.
438.4 kbit/s.
557.6 kbit/s.
676.8 kbit/s.
7115.2 kbit/s.
Parity58.0508 NONE 1
18 NONE 2
28 EVEN 1
38 ODD 1
58.061Refresh setting

PC Communication

If you want to communicate drive with PC then follow these steps.

  1. First you need a Advance display and connection cable – ACS-AP-I or ACS-AP-W and connection cable.
  2. Install drive composer entry or Drive composer Pro software in PC.
  3. Drive composer entry software is free and drive composer pro is chargeable software.
abb acs880 drive pc connection 1 image