ABB ACS880 Drive Modbus Communication

ABB ACS880 Drive Modbus Communication – all parameter, control wiring, input & output power wiring and programming video.

Here is step by step programming of drive :

  1. Control wiring – for start/stop and speed reference.
  2. Parameters – for start/stop, speed command and other parameters.
  3. Programming video – get all detail information process to enter parameter in drive.
abb acs880 drive modbus wiring

The XD2D connector – The XD2D connector provides an RS-485 connection that can be used for

  1. basic master/follower communication with one master drive and multiple followers,
  2. fieldbus control through the embedded fieldbus interface (EFB), or
  3. drive-to-drive (D2D) communication implemented by application programming.


58.011Modbus RTU
58.03……Node address
Baud rate58.0414.8 kbit/s.
29.6 kbit/s.
319.2 kbit/s.
438.4 kbit/s.
557.6 kbit/s.
676.8 kbit/s.
7115.2 kbit/s.
Parity58.0508 NONE 1
18 NONE 2
28 EVEN 1
38 ODD 1
58.061Refresh setting