ABB ACS150 Drive Price List

ABB ACS150 Drive Price List

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Filter products

Drive Brand

Drive Type

Input Supply

Output Power KW

Output Power HP

Output Current A

Drive Series

Overload Capacity

Heavy duty KW

Heavy Duty HP

Digital Input

Digital Output

Analog Input

Analog Input Type

Analog Output

Relay Output

Brake Chopper

Enclouser Type

Ambient Temperature


EMC Filter

Frame Size

Motor Control Method

Supported Motor Type

Communication Type

Manual ProgrammingFault & AlarmParameter
RepairingBrake chopperBrake ResistorApplications
Control & Power ConnectionEMC FilterDimension & weightTechnical data
FeaturesMacroRating & Frame SizeDrive Part code Detail
Input Choke Output ChokeFuses Drive free Space
CoolingOptional Accessories Commissioning Cable Size
Switching FrequencyDeratingNoise

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Drive programming and many more

Easily integrated drives for a wide range of applications – The silent operation mode adjusts the switching frequency of the drive to a higher level after the high-torque start, resulting in lower audible noise. The Flash-Drop tool provides a quick and safe way to configure multiple drives for identical mixer applications.

Production lines often have multiple stages, including conveyors, which need to be efficiently linked with each other to provide high production output. A drive provides smooth start and stop of the conveyor, thereby reducing mechanical stress and lowering maintenance costs. Fans are used for process cooling and ventilation in industrial, commercial and domestic environments. Get all solutions & support regarding fault, alarm & warning troubleshoot. User-friendly LCD control panel and integrated potentiometer easy to use as per your application.

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