ABB ACS150 Drive Parameter

ABB ACS150 Drive Parameter – here you can find all parameter for programming. With the help of these parameter you can easily program drive. All list of parameter like actual signal, motor data, limit parameter and fault function.

abb acs150 drivemotor data parameter image
abb acs150 drive actual value parameter image
abb acs150 drive Start Command & Direction image
abb acs150 drive speed reference image 1

Minimum Frequency Parameter

2007 – …. Hz(minimum frequency)

2008 – …. Hz(maximum frequency)

abb acs150 drive acc and dcc time image
abb acs150 analog input parameter image
abb acs150 drive constant speed parameter image
abb acs150 jog function image
abb acs150drive limit parameter image
abb acs150 drive relay output image
start stop mode start inhab emer image
start stop mode start inhab emer image
abb acs150 drive System control 1 image

Parameters in simple view

99021ABB Standard
4Motor Pot
6PID Control
Motor Data
9905…. VMotor voltage
9906….AMotor current
9907….HzMotor Frequency
9908….rpmMotor rpm
9909….KWMotor power
2007….HzMin freq.
2008….HZMax. freq.
2202….sAcc time
2203….sDcc time
Actual Signal
107DC Vol.
Start Command
10018Keypad in loc
9Start forward start rev.
Jog Selection
1010….(DI)Select DI 1-5
1208….HzJog frequency
12010Constant speed disable
Constant speed Disable
12010Constant speed disable
Refrence Selection
5DI3 inc DI4 dec
6DI3 inc DI4dec (store speed)
Min/Max Ref
1104….HzMin. ref
1105….HzMax. ref
Analog Input
1301…. %Min AI
1302…. %Max AI
Relay Output
3Fault -1
Run Enable
16010Not selected
Parameter Lock
Pass Code
Local Lock
16060Not selected
Parameter Save
Max Output Current
2003….AMax output current
Brake Chopper Function
20050Disable Overvoltage Function
Start Inhibit0Off
Emergenct Stop
210901-5 DI
Switching Frequency
26064 Hz
8 Hz
12 Hz
16 Hz
External Fault
300300-5 DI
Motor Thermal Protection
30050Not Select
Drive Display
3401……Actual value

For other parameter download manual

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ABB ACS150 User Manual ABB ACS150 Catalog
Local Start/StopMotor Data Parameter & ProgrammingAcceleration & Deceleration Time
Analog Input TestingBrake ChopperPower & Control Wiring
DC Voltage CheckDigital Input CheckEnable/Disable Constant Speed
Drive Display ValueEmergency StopExternal Fault
Factory ResetJogMin & Max Frequency
Local LockMaximum Output CurrentMin & Max Analog Input
Min & Max ReferenceMotor Thermal ProtectionParameter Lock
Passcode/PasswordRelay OutputRun Enable
Switching Frequency

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Drive Programming

ABB ACS150 Drive VFD Programming – all parameter, control wiring, input & output power wiring and programming video.

abb acs150 2-wire image 111
abb acs150 3-wire image 111
abb acs150 alternate image 111

abb acs150 mototr pot image 111
abb acs150 local start stop image 111
abb acs150 l hand auto stop image 111

abb acs150 motor data image 111
abb acs150 pid image 111
abb acs150 drive repairing image
ABB Standard2-wire3-wire
Alternate Hand/AutoPID
Local Start/StopMotor DataMotor Potentiometer

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