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Drive output frequency not increasing if undervoltage control (Limit 30.31) in enabled

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Hi guys,

So we have an ABB ACS580 drive running a 90KW motor. Suddenly after a normal production startup we realized that our drive is not increasing output frequency and is not going above 45hz. According to the speed reference from PLC it should've been running at 75hz but it wasn't going above 45hz. Then an expert came and he did just one thing. He disabled the parameter 30.31 (Undervoltage control) and everything went fine. Now i don't understand that why the drive has been running fine for months with this parameter previously enabled? And how disabling this it got ok? There are two other machines with the same drive and control system. This parameter is enabled in both of them but they are still running fine.   

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First thing what is  input supply voltage mention on your drive name plate ?

- if 380V - 480V  mention then check your supply voltage

- if your supply voltage is below above mention limit then undervoltage fault comes, then improve your input supply.

- if supply voltage is ok then contact abb they will upgrade your drive firmware software.

- Disable undervoltage fault is not a solution, need to rectify actual problem.