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7582 fault in ABB ACS880 drive

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Cause : M/F comm loss comes when master/follower communication is lost. The fault code 7582 in your ABB ACS880 drive indicates a communication loss with the master/follower link.

This fault specifically refers to an issue with communication between two ABB ACS880 drives operating in a master-follower control configuration.

Causes of Master/Follower Communication Loss (7582):

There are several reasons why communication between the master and follower drives might be disrupted, leading to the 7582 fault:

  • Communication Interface Issues: The communication interface used to connect the drives (e.g., Profibus, CANopen) might be malfunctioning due to faulty hardware or incorrect configuration.
  • Drive Configuration Errors: The settings within both the master and follower drives for master-follower control might be incorrectly configured. This could include parameters related to the communication protocol, baud rate, addressing, or reference selection.
  • Master Drive Issues: Problems with the master drive itself, such as software errors or hardware malfunctions, could prevent it from sending control signals to the follower drive.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Safety First: Always ensure both drives are completely de-energized before attempting any troubleshooting steps related to communication cables or the drives themselves.
  2. Check Communication Interface: Visually inspect the communication cable connecting the master and follower drives for any signs of damage or loose connections. Ensure the cable type is appropriate for the chosen communication protocol.
  3. Review Drive Configuration: Double-check the settings in both the master and follower drives for master-follower control. Ensure parameters like communication protocol, baud rate, addressing, and reference selection (on the follower drive) are identical and configured correctly for both drives.
  4. Verify Master Drive Status: If possible, check the status of the master drive using its diagnostic tools or consult its user manual for troubleshooting steps in case the master drive itself might be causing the communication issue