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danfoss warning 12

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A warning 12 on a Danfoss VFD signifies a torque limit issue. This means the motor connected to the VFD is trying to generate more torque (turning force) than the drive allows. While it's a warning and not a complete shutdown, it indicates a potential problem that needs attention.

Here's a breakdown of what the warning signifies and how to address it:


  • Motor Overload: The motor might be working harder than intended, causing it to demand more torque than the VFD limit. This could be due to mechanical issues like jams or excessive friction.
  • Incorrect Settings: The torque limit parameters (typically parameters 4-16 or 4-17) in the VFD might be set too low for the current application.
  • Rapid Acceleration: If the motor tries to reach high torque too quickly during startup (rapid acceleration), it can trigger the warning.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Reduce Load: If possible, try to lessen the mechanical load on the motor. This will decrease the torque demand.
  2. Verify Motor Data: Ensure the motor's specifications (horsepower, torque rating) are accurately entered in the VFD parameters.
  3. Adjust Torque Limit (with Caution): If necessary, you can cautiously increase the torque limit value in VFD parameters (refer to your specific Danfoss VFD manual for parameter locations). Be mindful not to set it excessively high, as it could damage the motor if overload persists.
  4. Check Ramp Times: Consider extending the acceleration and deceleration ramp times in the VFD settings. This allows the motor to reach the desired speed more gradually, reducing the initial torque demand.