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OL fault code in drive

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Cause : Motor overload comes when the output current exceeds the motor full load current set in parameter. A "OL" fault indicate motor overload occurs when a motor is subjected to excessive load or stress beyond its design capacity, leading to overheating and potential damage.

"oL1" fault can be caused by various factors, such as mechanical issues, electrical problems, or environmental conditions. Here are some common causes of motor overload:

  1. Mechanical Overload: This happens when the motor is required to work harder than its intended capacity due to excessive load on the driven equipment or mechanical binding in the system.

  2. Electrical Overload: Excessive current flowing through the motor windings can cause overheating. This can occur due to voltage fluctuations, short circuits, or improper connections.

  3. Blocked Ventilation: Inadequate airflow around the motor can lead to overheating. This may be caused by dust buildup, obstructions, or improper installation.

  4. High Ambient Temperatures: Operating the motor in environments with high ambient temperatures can reduce its cooling efficiency, leading to overheating.

  5. Unbalanced Supply Voltage: Unequal distribution of voltage across the motor windings can cause uneven current flow, leading to overload conditions.

  6. Improper Sizing: Using a motor that is undersized for the application can cause it to operate at higher loads than intended, leading to overload.