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Siemens sinamics v20 manual fault codes pdf

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Siemens sinamics v20 manual fault codes pdf - Here are some common fault codes for the Siemens SINAMICS V20 Variable Frequency Drive (VFD):

F1 Overcurrent
F2 Overvoltage
F3 Undervoltage
F4 Inverter overtemperature
F5 Inverter I 2 t
F6 Chip temperature rise exceeds critical levels
F11 Motor overtemperature
F12 Inverter temperature signal lost
F20 DC ripple too high
F35 Auto restart after n
F41 Motor data identification failure
F51 Parameter EEPROM fault
F52 Inverter software fault
F60 Asic timeout
F61 MMC / SD card parameter cloning failed
F62 Parameter cloning contents invalid
F63 Parameter cloning contents incompatible
F64 Inverter attempted to do an automatic clone during startup
F71 USS setpoint fault
F72 USS / MODBUS setpoint fault
F80 AI lost input signal
F85 External fault
F100 Watchdog reset
F101 Stack overflow
F221 PID feedback below minimum value
F222 PID feedback above maximum value
F350 Configuration vector for the inverter failed
F395 Acceptance test / confirmation pending
F410 Cavitation protection failure
F452 Belt failure